On average, every day we do 19,000 steps!

Unlike a human skull, which has evolved over thousands of years, the leg has not changed one iota.

Its shape remained unchanged. Both feet have 56 bones, about a quarter of all the bones of the skeleton.

To fix the provisions and operation of the entire body, both legs are equipped with more than 200 ligaments and 40 muscles.

In humans there are three types of feet. 60% of French people (34 million) have a “Egyptian” foot with the thumb, which is longer than all the rest; 25% (14 million) are “rectangular” stack with large and second fingers nearly equal length; 15% (8 million) have a “Greek” foot to the second finger, which is longer than the others.

Record delivered a man who wore size 56 shoes, with growth of 2.34 m.

To know the shoe size, the length of the foot should be expressed in inches, multiply by a factor of 6,666. 56th shoe size is the man with the foot length of 37.33 cm, equal to the distance from the elbow to the fingertips a person of average height.

When walking, the stop for 0.6 second is in contact with the ground, and when running at a speed of 12 km / h – 0.25 seconds.

Legs 70 kg human, the last 1.5 km, bear the load 120 000 kg.

If the same person will run the same distance, the legs will experience nearly double the load (220 000 kg).

On average, every day we do 19,000 steps, but only for your life pass 150,000 km, that is 3.5 times the detour around the globe.

Thus, every year we go through 2000 km and every day – 5-6 km.

Dominique Leone, Regis BERTE- “Human anatomy and physiology at a Glance”


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