Alpental (USA) – a famous recreation area, 

a beautiful ski resort!

Great place training skiers!

But the high place of injury is not particularly experienced skiers.

We want to tell you about the alignment is very important element of a correct load distribution, which has a positive effect on reducing accidents and improving personal results.

We have you- Cheers!


Alignment – the term used to describe the mutual position of the feet, ankles, shins, knees and thighs of the skier and the way ski equipment affects this location.

Положение лодыжек при излишне плоском своде стопы

Положение лодыжек при чрезмерно выгнутом своде стопы

Положение лодыжек при правильной постановке стопы

Угол наклона голени обуславливает контакт пластиковой оболочки с внутренней стороной ноги.

Order individual correctors (insoles) and foot posture

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